After reading an article in the Gulf Newspaper that 1 in every 2 camels are dying from eating plastic and litter left in the desert by us humans, I decided to have an ongoing campaign starting with my exhibition at school to make people aware of what littering is doing to our camels - We are killing them!  We need them and yet we are killing them...?


To start my campaign I visited Dr Ulli. Wernery  Scientific Director of the Central Veternary Research Laboratories in Dubai.

Dr Ulli also wrote an article called "Fatal Pollution" about how campers, picknickers and endurance riders leave their bags, bottles, caps, lids, plates, containers, cutlery, ropes, loops of can holders and even tyres in the desert.   Litter does not stay just where it is thrown, it blows away with the wind from the villages and cities landing in the desert, clinging to trees and shrubs, lying covered in sand, polluting the desert.

Every year hundreds of animals face agonizing deaths by plastic ingestion in seas, in the desert, even the cities.  The young nibble on the litter, swallow only to choke and die.  Some may survive longer until their intestines are blocked, suffering is prolonged with excruciating pain before death.

Dr Ulli has visited Ras Al Khaimah desert where owners had dragged animals to that have died from plastic ingestion. Dr Ulli found more than 30 carcasses and has since that sight called this place "DEATH VALLEY".

UAE this kind of pollution has reached "EPIDEMIC" proportions.  The pictures taken by Dr Ulli speak for themselves.

The campaign will not stop until our Camels stop dying because of us!  I want my children to see live camels, not read about them in books!

The campaign has lead to a lot of media attention, which I really have appreciated their continued support and the highlights thus far are the following:

Royal Society of St George's Abu Dhabi - kind sponsorship from their proceeds from their annual ball 2009.

American Chamber of Commerce - AmCham, for their kind donation from the Abu Dhabi Excellence Awards Event 2013

Mott MacDonald - kind company sponsorship driven by the Environment and Sustainability team 2013 

Qatar Aeronautical College - kind donation

Gulf News:

 The National:

Khaleej Times

7 Days News

Abu Dhabi Week

Friday Magazine - Gulf News

The Beeld - SA Publication

Sunday Times Magazine - Green Life

The Star - SA Publication

Al Ittihad - Newspaper

Wildlife Middle East

Aquarius Magazine

Dubai One TV - Studio One live interview

InterContinental Hotel - Abu Dhabi - "Responsible Business Week"

The Connector

"Catch the wind, harness the sun" publication by Michael Caduto

Reuters TV documentary that covered the campaign and travelled the world.

Dubai 1 TV "Her Say"

City 7 - UAE Dubai

Radio 1 & 2 live interviews

Nightline Dubai Eye 103.8fm

Abu Dhabi 4x4 Club - desert clean up

School Presentations - Al Yasmina International School

                                Emirates National Boys School

                                The American Community School

                                The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls

                                Al Muna 

Time Out Magazine - Abu Dhabi/Dubai

The Dubai Mall



Plastic Planet - Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Positive News Publishing - UK

Dubai Chamber Of Commerce - CSR Al Youm

National Wildlife Federation - Ranger Rick Magazine - USA

Cousteau Society - Cousteau Kids CARE Magazine - USA

Scholastic News - USA

Al Ittihad newspaper

Care 2 make a difference

Proud supporter of "Green Abu Dhabi"

Supporting and representating "Make UAE Plastic free" campaign by The Environmental Agency -Abu Dhabi

Global Islamic Marketing Conference - Abu Dhabi (U.A.E University) keynote address presentation

 BBM Creations -

Royal Society of St George's Abu Dhabi - kind sponsorship from their proceeds from their annual ball 2009.


"67 Inspiring Stories" - Nahtam

The Boy that saves Camels - Carmen Morais (Make a Difference Series)

Catch the Wind , Harness the Sun - Michael  J. Caduto (Co-author of the best - selling Keepers Of the Earth series)

Ces enfants qui changent le monde - Foudation GoodPlanet

The above is what I can recall, if I have not mentioned any other media coverage or acknowledgement, I must apologize however I do value your support!



Slow horrible death................we caused this!


  • Camels find and eat plastic in the desert
  • Plastic bags or ropes calcify in the stomach
  • The calcification forms a rock which blocks the intestines
  • The plastic releases noxious toxins into the blood and organs
  • The animals feel full and stop eating
  • The animals die painfully of starvation